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Introducing a PAN India POD hotel chain that revolutionises the hotel industry, delivering exceptional quality service at prices that inspire and resonate with the many.

Cosy Nap - Fresh Tap - Ready to go
  • Shaping a visionary and unmatched journey for every customer."Derived from the three fundamental actions of rest, refreshment, and readiness, our brand emphasizes simplicity and efficacy: a comforting nap, a rejuvenating shower, and then you're set to venture out. We are dedicated to delivering not just the essential amenities, but ensuring they meet the highest standards of excellence. In short, we want you to "Sleep tight, freshen up fast, and leave feeling great.
  • Cosy Nap ― Fresh Tap ― Ready to go

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Your experience with us will redefine expectations.
Safe and Easy

How NapTapGo Works

Book & Relax

Experience a hassle-free online reservation process where every step is streamlined for your convenience, allowing you to book your stay without any complications.

Effortless Check-in Process

We value your time and prioritize getting you settled with ease. At our pod hotel, we've refined the check-in process for your convenience. Upon arrival, experience minimal wait times and fewer formalities as we quickly guide you from travel mode to the comfort of your pod.

Comfortable Stay

From our ergonomically designed sleeping spaces to the soothing ambiance, each element is geared towards body rejuvenation. Whether you've had a strenuous journey or simply need a tranquil retreat, our pods promise a haven of serenity and renewal, ensuring you emerge refreshed and revitalized.
NapTapGo - Preview

Why choose NapTapGo?

  • Cost-effective/EconomicalBy committing to deliver exceptional service without the hefty price tag, we aim to redefine industry standards and cater to a broader audience seeking both quality and affordability.
  • Safe and easyOur pod hotels emphasize both safety and convenience. From the moment you book until the end of your stay, we ensure a seamless experience and a protected environment for all our guests.
  • Technology integrationBy harnessing cutting-edge technology, we guarantee a smooth and intuitive journey for our guests. This commitment ranges from the ease of booking to the enhanced amenities during your stay, ensuring modern conveniences at every touchpoint.

Let's see what our guests think of NapTapGo?

Loved the place. It was a new experience for me. The place was well kept. Shower facilities are awesome. The staff is helpful, courteous and friendly as well. The best part is its proximity to the Electronic City metro station. Saves a lot of time in commute.Dhruvam
Ahmedabad, India

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